Sweat of the Sun

Reading time: 1 min. David Fennessy

David Fennessy (c) Tanya KiangIt seems like the further one sinks inside the text, the further one becomes removed from the particulars of the story and instead gets involved with something deeper and more ambiguous to do with the inner experiences of a protagonist who is searching for … something. (David Fennessy on Sweat of the Sun)

German film director Werner Herzog kept diaries during the production of Fitzcarraldo. David Fennessy’s music theatre Sweat of the Sun is based on these and will be performed at the Theater Osnabrück on 2, 3, 6 and 7 June.

The work is a coproduction of the Theater Osnabrück with the Münchener Biennale.

David Fennessy on Sweat of the Sun

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