Tango Saxophone Duets

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In Tango Saxophone Duets, Diego Collati has collaborated with saxophonist Mario Cerra to provide new arrangements of Carlos Gardel’s music. These duets can be played by a pair of alto saxes or by alto and tenor.

Gardel, who died tragically young in an air accident in 1935, is credited as the man who made the tango internationally popular and his music will be recognized by young and old alike. The timbre of the saxophone is particularly suited to this genre and lends itself to evoking the fascination and glamour of Gardel’s tangos. As well as being rewarding to play, these arrangements will introduce new elements of tone production and rhythm and steer young players towards good grounding in technique and ensemble playing.


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Tango Saxophone Duets for 2 saxophones (AA/AT)

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