Tango Violin & Piano

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The publication of Tango Violin Duets was met with such an enthusiastic response that it prompted the release of these arrangements for violin and piano.

The timbre of the violin is exceptionally well suited to evoking in sound the musical riches of Argentina's past, as well as to making the fascination and glamour of Gardel's tango music come alive again. Some of his most well-known pieces are featured in this volume and Diego Collatti's arrangements retain all the captivating, magnetic charms we associate with the Tango. Suitable for violinists of middle-grade standard and beyond.

Pieces include: Melodia de arraval, Mi Buenos Aires querido, Volver,
Por Una Cabeza and El dia que me quieras

Carlos Gardel
Tango - Violin [&] Piano
arranged by Diego Collatti
UE 35013

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Carlos Gardel
Tango Violin Duets
arranged by Diego Collatti
UE 33651