The Continuum Ensemble presents Swept Away

Reading time: 2 min. Kurt WeillErnst Krenek

Music in 1920s Berlin and Vienna: cool, sleek, jazzy and very modern. A generation of young composers swept away the 19th century and established a new kind of music that was bold, astringent, accessible and topical. But by 1934, denounced by the Nazi government and their music banned, they were swept away into exile leaving their work neglected and forgotten for over seventy-five years.

Ripe for rediscovery, the exciting opera, chamber, orchestral and vocal music of Ernst Toch, Kurt Weill, Erwin Schulhoff, Mischa Spoliansky, Friedrich Hollander and others of this lost generation is performed in a festival of five concerts over three days, much of it never before performed in the U.K.

Featuring outstanding singers and soloists as well as informative pre-concert talks, the Continuum Ensemble presents Swept Away, a festival that takes place at the Kings Place from 19 to 21 June.

You can find the full programme on the website of Kings Place.