UE Children’s Operas

Reading time: 2 min.

This new catalogue presents to you eight exciting opera stories, specially attuned to inquisitive youthful ears.

The UE Children’s Operas compilation reminds our youngest audiences that a certain Maestro Rossini musically presented the beloved tale of Cinderella more than a century before Walt Disney, for instance, and that the great Mozart won over the hearts of the young and the old in his inimitably witty and constructive way. His main characters beckon to children and their adult escorts to join two journeys full of adventures, both of them seeking happiness and love.

Janáček, that great lover of nature and life, spellbinds every child with his moving story of Vixen Sharp-Ears, drawing us into the fate of her small animal friends. Dulcinea rekindles children’s love for “tedious” books at the moment when the main characters emerge from the book and begin to recount their exciting and amusing adventures to their youthful audience.

Look through the catalogue UE Children’s Operas to find out more. The eight operas, each lasting around 60 minutes, are ideal for children aged four and older; each of them is an adventurous journey where they will encounter new insights and humorous situations, along with discovering love and interest for the exciting world of opera.


Download a PDF of the catalogue.

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