UK première of Rihm’s Duo Concerto

Reading time: 1 min. Wolfgang Rihm

The interweaving of two voices to form a single linear motion carries on in the small orchestra, of course; the soloists are not pitted against a collective, but rather integrated into a sonic event which, for its part, is strongly interwoven and interlinked. (Wolfgang Rihm on the Duo Concerto)

Tonight violinist Mira Wang and cellist Jan Vogler will perform the UK première of Wolfgang Rihm’s Duo Concerto together with Peter Oundjian and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

Rihm composed the Duo Concerto for Mira Wang and Jan Vogler, and envisioned them as “one single voice, fashioned per se dialogically and consisting of two individuals, singing out.”

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Duo Concerto



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