US première of David Fennessy’s 13 Factories

Reading time: 2 min. David Fennessy

David Fennessy’s 13 Factories will be given its US première by the Talea Ensemble under Eduardo Leandro this Saturday, 20 April, on the last day of the MATA Festival 2013 in New York. Founded by Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky and Lisa Bielawa in 1996, the MATA annually presents music by composers under the age of forty.

David Fennessy on 13 Factories:

“It was the seemingly most innocuous of images that stayed with me from my trip to PRD and ultimately provided me with the starting point for 13 Factories: A woman talking on her mobile phone on a crowded train; her hand cupped over the mouthpiece in an attempt to maintain her own privacy and respect the privacy of those around her. I also noticed it in people at restaurants – while using a toothpick with one hand, the other hand would come up to protect the mouth from view. Somehow this image took on a metaphorical significance for me – the mouth as a vehicle for self expression and the difficulty of making its individual voice heard in a place as densely populated as Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou.”

13 Factories
for ensemble and electronics | 19’
0 0 0 0 - 0 1 1 0 - 4 hand-held speakers, pno(2), vln(2), vla, vc, cb – electronics
US prem: 20/4/2013, New York; Talea Ensemble, cond. Eduardo Leandro

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