Vykintas Baltakas: World première of Scoria in Munich

Reading time: 1 min. world première Vykintas Baltakas

Scoria is written for a large symphony orchestra with three groups positioned around the room. The première of Vykintas Baltakas' new work is to be held on 24 Sep at the musica viva Festival in Munich. The Munich Radio Symphony Orchestra performs the work under Lucas Vis.

"I have been trying to create a non-linear work for a long time. It is not easy because we always perceive events in relation to time and space. It is like a pair of glasses that we look through to make sense of reality. I try to think of a SOUND, the “imaginary underlying sound of a piece”, which is rich, resonant, vibrant and displays different aspects of itself in turn. It is precisely this presentation that is typical of a linear form; this piece is a production which changes the perception of hearing and listening."

Vykintas Baltakas


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