World première of Friedrich Cerha

Reading time: 2 min. Friedrich Cerha

Friedrich Cerha's new piece Drei Situationen (Three situations) will be premièred on 2 November in the Great Hall of the Musikverein with the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna.


"After the orchestral pieces Nacht and Eine blassblaue Vision my fantasy increasingly saw the rugged tonal contrasts between individual orchestral groups. Recently, I was much more interested in the fine differentiations within a homogeneous body of sound. And that’s how I composed the three pieces for 50 strings.

The titles, "Disturbed Meditation", "Mad Swarm of Birds" and "Attempt at Ascension", correspond to the essentials of the musical processes. In the first there are increasing attacks in the calm basic action, in the last there is a sonic manifold, gradual movement from a deep, dark mass into the icy height of string flageoletts. Behind the swarm movements of the second piece stands a childhood experience: the invasion of flocks of birds into the autumnal vineyards.

Beyond the optical impression, I was impressed by the exact distance, the total commonality in the slightest change of flight direction and the complete merging of the individual in the group - a process of de-individualization, which, however, affects everything I hate and never wanted in the realm of human societies."

(Friedrich Cerha)


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Drei Situationen

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