Voit, Großberger: György Ligeti, Atmosphères

Voit, Großberger György Ligeti, Atmosphères
György Ligeti, Atmosphères

Voit, Großberger: György Ligeti, Atmosphères

Listening Lab – Materials for communicating music
Johannes Voit; Veronika Großberger
General editor:
Constanze Wimmer; Helmut Schmidinger
Table of contents:
Vorwort / Preface
Erklärung der Symbole / Explanation of symbols
Aufbruch in fremde Welten / Departure to strange worlds
Atmosphäre / Sound is in the air
Zustände und Übergänge / States and transitions
Der Meister am Webstuhl / The Master Weaver
Die Ewigkeit und ein Tag / Forever and a day
Projektvorschläge / Project suggestions
Anhang / Appendix
More Less

Work introduction

Orchestra and concert promoters long for a public that is excited by music and curious about the modern repertoire. Today there are many ways to awaken this excitement. Musicians as well as music educators are forming new alliances to bring young people and adults into close contact with music.

Listening Lab is a new series that offers practical and inspiring approaches for children, young people and adults. Music educators will find general tips for the creative design of programmes for music lovers as well as concrete suggestions that open up and allow for a deeper understanding of each work.

Winner of the Music Teacher Award for Excellence 2015 in the category 'Best Print Resource' and Winner "Deutscher Musikeditionspreis BEST EDITION 2015".

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