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Giovanni Maria Bononcini: 15 Dances

(Arranger: Siegfried Petrenz)

  • for 2 treble recorders and basso continuo
  • Instrumentation details:
    2 bass fl-A,cont.
  • Composer: Giovanni Maria Bononcini
  • Arranger: Siegfried Petrenz
  • Editor: Martin Heidecker
  • Basso continuo: Siegfried Petrenz
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Printed product

Giovanni Maria Bononcini: 15 Dance Pieces for 2 treble recorders and basso continuo | UE18747

  • Edition type: score and parts
  • Series: Universal Blockflöten Edition
  • Grade: 2-4
  • Format: 23.2 × 30.5 cm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-5408-1
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-00796-5
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The present edition is based on a printed edition by John Walsh. lt appeared in London in 1705 und er the title: Bononcini's Aires for two Flutes and a Bass or two Flutes with out a Bass I the Aires consisting of Allemands, Sarabands, Gorants, Preludes, Gavottes and Jiggs with a Through Bass for the Harpsicord or Bass Viatin The 24 dance movements, which have been preserved in instrumental parts, are apparently transcriptions by Walsh and his associates. They are based on the sonata books for two vielins and bass. Because some of the pieces are flawed by apparent slips of the pen and probably mistakes in transposition as weil, only the numbers 1, 2, 4-8, 11, 12, 14, 17-19, 23 and 24 were selected for the present edition. The figured bass in the original is incomplete andin some cases questionable. lt could not be used as abasis forthe realisation of the basso continuo. ln order to provide an objective basis for players who are used to realising the bass themselves, it has been printed here unaltered.

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