Friedrich Cerha: 2 Szenen

Friedrich Cerha 2 Szenen
2 Szenen

Friedrich Cerha: 2 Szenen

Year of composition:
Scored for:
for seven voices
Friedrich Cerha
soprano; soprano; mezzo-soprano; countertenor; tenor; baritone; bass
Table of contents:
Cerha, Friedrich: Wohlstandskonversation
Cerha, Friedrich: "Hinrichtung"
für die Neuen Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
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2 Szenen

Work introduction

The composition started with two numbers from my theatre-piece Netzwerk (Network), for which I invented a construed, artificial language, notated in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

“Prosperity Conversation” suggests the image of an infinitely bored society, in which only occasional, short discoveries suddenly excite resistance, which then quickly sinks back into lethargy, monotony and ultimately complete torpor.

By contrast, “Execution” initially features the vain, self-aggrandising figure of the countertenor, juxtaposed with six people, dominating them; their increasingly aggressive behaviour unnerves him more and more, despite his pathetic attempts at self-defence, until he is finally forced to his knees to beg for discernment until only the sound of his groaning is left, before it dwindles to nothingness.

Friedrich Cerha

World première

Theatersaal, Stuttgart (DE)

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