Simone Cardini: Threshold

Simone Cardini Threshold

Simone Cardini: Threshold

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for ensemble
Simone Cardini
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cor anglais
Simone Cardini was awarded the ‘Valentino Bucchi Prize’ (International Composition Contest 'Valentino Bucchi – Parco della Musica’) in 2015.
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Work introduction

The implicit ambivalence of the word threshold allows us to imagine the suggestion of a new beginning, to intend or circumscribe an entrance, to determine a boundary, or to condition a limit; it obligates each of us to bear the risk of interpreting our position with respect to it through a choice: deciding whether to belong to the one side or to the other.

Only a further choice will allow us, possibly, to overstep or go beyond that door.

The compositional attempt absolves gestures and expressions from their randomness: the initial network of echopraxia and echolalia reveals itself through the mimetical realisation of those precise gestures and expressions, in a relation of reciprocal and constant differentiation among themselves.

The medium of their emancipation is precisely that sclerotic freedom expressed and revealed by the action.

The concealed tale of living on the edge of (psychic/social) madness makes unavoidable a conscious management of one's own Lebenswelt and of that sort of transition that always more frequently we have to face between ourselves and the imposed necessity to act.

Simone Cardini

Special prints


Simone Cardini: Threshold

for ensemble , 10’


Simone Cardini: Threshold

set of parts
for ensemble , 10’

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