Various: Studio 21

Various Studio 21
Studio 21

Various: Studio 21

Scored for:
for piano
Yvonne Enoch; Shena Fraser
Table of contents:
Arne, Thomas: Allegro
Casella, Alfredo: Berceuse
Hengeveld, Gerard: Allegretto
Beethoven, Ludwig van: Bagatelle
Bartók, Béla: Rumänischer Tanz Nr. 1
Chopin, Frédéric: Mazurka
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Zweistimmige Invention Nr. 13
Pelikán, Miroslav: Trauriges Wiegenlied
Dussek, Johann Ladislaus: Allegro non tanto
Hedges, Anthony: Concert Pieces for Young Pianists No. 4
Schubert, Franz: Valses Sentimentales
Field, John: Nocturne
Muldowney, Dominic: Foggy Day Chorales Nos. 1 and 2
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Allegro aus der Wiener Sonatine Nr. 6
Bennett, Richard Rodney: Diversions No. 7
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