Cristóbal Halffter: Epitafio para el sepulcro de Juan del Enzina

  • 4 3 4 3 - 4 4 4 1 - perc(4), synth, pno/hpsd, str(16 14 12 10 8)
  • Duration: 15–18'
  • Instrumentation details:
    1st flute
    2nd flute
    3rd flute (+picc)
    4th flute (+picc)
    1st oboe
    2nd oboe
    3rd oboe (+c.a)
    1st clarinet in Bb
    2nd clarinet in Bb
    3rd clarinet in Bb (+cl(Eb))
    4th clarinet in Bb (+bass cl(Bb))
    1st bassoon
    2nd bassoon
    3rd bassoon
    1st horn in F
    2nd horn in F
    3rd horn in F
    4th horn in F
    1st trumpet in C (+tpt(Bb))
    2nd trumpet in C
    3rd trumpet in C
    4th trumpet in C
    1st trombone
    2nd trombone
    3rd trombone
    4th trombone
    bass tuba
    1st percussion
    2nd percussion
    3rd percussion
    4th percussion
    piano (+cel)
    violin I (1st, 2nd desk)
    violin I (3rd, 4th desk)
    violin I (5th, 6th desk)
    violin I (7th, 8th desk)
    violin II (1st, 2nd desk)
    violin II (3rd, 4th desk)
    violin II (5th– 7th desk)
    viola (1st, 2nd desk)
    viola (3rd, 4th desk)
    viola (5th, 6th desk)
    violoncello (1st desk)
    violoncello (2nd, 3rd desk)
    violoncello (4th, 5th desk)
    contrabass (1st, 2nd desk)
    contrabass (3rd, 4th desk)
  • Composer: Cristóbal Halffter
  • Commission: Auftraggeber: Festival Internacional de Órgano Catedral de León 2008

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World première

Catedral de León, León (ES)
Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León
Cristóbal Halffter

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