Various: Englische Lieder und Balladen

(Arranger: Klaus Buhé)

  • Instrumentation details:
  • Composer: Various
  • Arranger: Klaus Buhé
  • Illustrator: Maxwell Armfield
  • Editor: Klaus Buhé
  • Table of contents:
    Oh! Willo! Willo! Willo!
    The Ash Grove
    Bushes and Briars
    The Collier Lad
    Drink to me only with thine eyes
    The Girl I left behind
    The Greenland Fishery
    Greensleeves I
    Greensleeves II
    Hares on the Mountains
    Henry Martin
    Mowing the Barley
    The Robber
    Sally my Dear
    The Sheep Stealer
    Shooting of his Dear

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