Henk Badings: Gedenckclanck

  • for orchestra
  • Duration: 28’
  • Instrumentation details:
    3 3 3 2 - 4 3 2 0 - timp, perc - hp, cel, pno - str
  • Composer: Henk Badings

Work introduction

Based on Dutch themes, this suite for orchestra consists of seven movements, the material mainly derived from folksongs from the 80 Years’ War between the Netherlands and Spain. Collected and then published in 1626 by a notary named Valerius, Henk Badings adopted the title of the memorial compilation for his suite.

Badings uses the songs in the same way a composer develops his own thematic material, whereby melodic, rhythmic and harmonic variations often transform them into constructs in which the sources are barely discernible.

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