Gustav Mahler
Das klagende Lied (Song of Lamentation)
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Gustav Mahler: Das klagende Lied (Song of Lamentation) for soprano, alto, tenor, bass soloists, satb choir and orchestra

Based on the text of the Critical Edition
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  • Composer: Mahler Gustav
  • Languages: German
  • for soprano, alto, tenor, bass soloists, satb choir and orchestra
  • Edition type: piano reduction
  • Fassung: original version 1880 in 3 movements
  • Medium: sheet music
  • UE30424
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-2924-9
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-05983-4
  • 23.2 x 30.5 cm
EUR 43.95

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This sheet music edition comprises the piano reduction of Mahler's "Song of Lamentation" according to the original version from 1880 in three movements.


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Description piano reduction

The work is based on poems written by the composer and was completed in 1880. It consisted of three movements which bore the following titles: Waldmärchen (A Tale from the Woods), Der Spielmann (The Minstrel), Hochzeitsstück (Wedding Piece)

The composer subjected the score to several revisions and eventually arrived at a version in which the first movement was omitted altogether and movements Nos 2 and 3 lost their titles and were thoroughly reworked. This new version was published in 1899 by Weinberger and premiered under Mahler's baton in Vienna in 1901.

The work was taken over in 1906 by Universal Edition, together with other compositions by Mahler. Subsequently, he subjected the score to yet another revision, which was then published in a study score. It was this version that Rudolph Stephan included in volume 12 of his complete edition of Mahler's works in 1978.

The manuscript of the original version was acquired by the Osborn Collection of the Music Library at Yale University. The first movement was published in 1969 by Belwin Mills in the United States in a provisional, not critical, edition. There followed performances and recordings of a three-movement "mongrel" version, with the first movement representing the original version as published by Belwin Mills and movements 2 and 3 taken from the Weinberger/UE edition of the revised score.

The work as composed by Mahler in 1880 has first been performed in its entirety on 7th October 1997 in Manchester. It appeared in volume 3 of the supplement to the complete edition edited by Reinhold Kubik, who is also general editor of the complete edition.

Contents - Das klagende Lied (Song of Lamentation) for soprano, alto, tenor, bass soloists, satb choir and orchestra

  • Waldmärchen
  • Der Spielmann
  • Hochzeitsstück
Audio Sample
  • Das klagende Lied | für Soli, gemischten Chor, großes Orchester und Fe..., Urfassung 1880 in 3 Sätzen
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