James Rae: Flute Debut - Pupil's book
James Rae
Flute Debut - Pupil's book
EUR 13.95

James Rae: Flute Debut - Pupil's book for 1-2 flutes with CD or piano accompaniment

12 easy pieces for beginners - for individual, group or whole-class learning
  • Composer: Rae James
  • for 1-2 flutes with CD or piano accompaniment
  • Difficulty: 1-2
  • Edition type: music + CD
  • Edition Info: The accompanying CD contains full performance and play-along versions. The piano part is available as UE 21529. Winner of the "The National Flute Association Award" 2012
  • Medium: music + CD
  • UE21528
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-6964-1
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08304-4
EUR 13.95

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An interesting edition for a great start as a flute soloist, also with accompaniment and ensemble parts.


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Description music + CD

Wider Opportunities with the Debut series

All of these pieces for young instrumentalists in their earliest stages of learning can be performed as a solo or in unison with others. Some have an optional 2nd part and may also serve as ensemble material.

Whilst written specifically for the instrument and addressing the challenges beginner flautists would encounter, a special section is included of four pieces which are "key friendly" for beginners on most instruments and are therefore ideal pieces for mixed instrumental groups. These same four pieces will appear in subsequent books for other instruments in the Debut series.
For the Pupil …

• Instrumental parts with fun cartoons for inspiration

• A CD providing stimulating demonstration performances for listening as well as "minus-one" accompaniments for playing along at home

• Cartoons can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE for colouring in

For the Teacher …

• Sheet music for selected piano accompaniments can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE - just follow the web link provided in the pupil's book!

• If preferred, the accompaniments of all of the 12 pieces can be purchased in one printed and bound volume

Contents - Flute Debut - Pupil's book for 1-2 flutes with CD or piano accompaniment

  • High Street Trot
  • Diva Waltz
  • Sahara Sunset
  • Funky Dunky
  • Texas Boogie
  • The Station Clock
  • The Ogre from the Big Black Rock
  • Lullaby for a Llama
  • Big Chief Sitting Bull
  • I Say, I Say, I Say!
  • Dance of the Seven Dachshunds
  • Marvo the Wondrous Magician


(…) With 12 very easy yet surprisingly musical pieces, all titled to capture the imagination (Funky Street, Big Chief Sitting Bull, Marvo the Wondrous Magician, The Ogre from the Big Black Rock) and illustrated witl1 cartoons in black and white, these miniatures will make any child want to play them. The cartoons can be downloaded at no cost for young children to color. And in the process, of course, they will be learning basic simple time rhythms, musical notations and dynamic instructions, tempo and style indicators (Mysteriously, Gentle ticking, Menacing, with attitude), articulation variations, accidentals, and instructions for repeat signs, DS, and Coda. (...) Having used several other James Rae books with students, l've always found them thoughtfully conceived as well as beautifully produced by Universal. (…)
The Flutist Quarterly 4/2012
Audio Sample
  • Flute Debut - High Street Trot
  • Flute Debut - Diva Waltz
  • Flute Debut - The Station Clock
  • Flute Debut - Big Chief Sitting Bull
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