Franz Schubert: Walzer komponiert anlässlich der Hochzeit seines Freundes Kupelwieser

(Arranger: Richard Strauss)

  • for piano
  • Duration: 3’
  • Instrumentation details:
  • Composer: Franz Schubert
  • Arranger: Richard Strauss
  • Table of contents:
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Franz Schubert: Kupelwieser Waltz for piano D Anh. I, 14 | UED1493000

  • Edition type: digital sheet music
  • Series: Komponistenportraits
  • Grade: 2-3
  • Edition info: Waltz composed on the occasion of his friend's Josef Kupelwieser marriage. Passed down by oral tradition before being transcribed by Richard Strauss (1943).
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