Paul Coles: Dagda's Harp

  • for guitar solo
  • Instrumentation details:
  • Composer: Paul Coles
  • Table of contents:
    The Music of Dreaming
    The Music of Sorrow
    The Music of Joy
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Paul Coles: The Music of Sorrow for guitar | UED2167202

No. 2 from "Dagda's Harp - An Irish tale"

  • Edition type: digital sheet music
  • Grade: 4-7
  • Edition info: PDF download
  • Format: 21.0 × 29.7 cm
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Paul Coles has a chequered career as composer, performer, teacher and publisher, all centred around his instrument, the guitar. His latest work, “Dagda’s Harp”, is influenced by the story of Dagda, the Celtic god of the Earth and evokes the unmistakable sounds of Irish folk music. Dagda possessed a magic harp, on which he is supposed to have played magical sounds, including music of dreaming, music of sorrow and music of joy. These three states are represented in a suite of pieces that will be suitable for intermediate players, as either teaching or concert material.

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