Luciano Berio: Duetti

Luciano Berio: Duetti for 2 violas | UE36649

Luciano Berio's personal and appealing musical portrait of the contemporary music scene – in this edition for the first time for two violas.

Edition type:
performing score
Berio Luciano
Contemporary Music
Mayer-Lindenberg Annegret
  • UE36649
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-7328-0
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08658-8
  • 23.2 × 30.5 cm
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Contents – Duetti for 2 violas

  • Berio Luciano: 1. Béla (Bartók)
  • Berio Luciano: 2. Shlomit (Almog)
  • Berio Luciano: 3. Yossi (Pecker)
  • Berio Luciano: 4. Rodion (Schedrin)
  • Berio Luciano: 5. Maja (Pliseckaja)
  • Berio Luciano: 6. Bruno (Maderna)
  • Berio Luciano: 7. Camilla (Adam)
  • Berio Luciano: 8. Peppino (Di Gugno)
  • Berio Luciano: 9. Marcello (Panni)
  • Berio Luciano: 10. Giorgio Federico (Ghedini)
  • Berio Luciano: 11. Valerio (Adam)
  • Berio Luciano: 12. Daniela (Rabinovitch)
  • Berio Luciano: 13. Jeanne (Panni)
  • Berio Luciano: 14. Pierre (Boulez)
  • Berio Luciano: 15. Tatjana (Globokar)
  • Berio Luciano: 16. Rivi (Pecker)
  • Berio Luciano: 17. Leonardo (Pinzauti)
  • Berio Luciano: 18. Piero (Farulli)
  • Berio Luciano: 19. Annie (Neuburger)
  • Berio Luciano: 20. Edoardo (Sanguineti)
  • Berio Luciano: 21. Fiamma (Nicolodi)
  • Berio Luciano: 22. Vinko (Globokar)
  • Berio Luciano: 23. Franco (Gulli)
  • Berio Luciano: 24. Aldo (Bennici)
  • Berio Luciano: 25. Carlo (Giarappa)
  • Berio Luciano: 26. Henri (Pousseur)
  • Berio Luciano: 27. Alfredo (Fiorenzani)
  • Berio Luciano: 28. Igor (Stravinsky)
  • Berio Luciano: 29. Alfred (Schlee)
  • Berio Luciano: 30. Massimo (Mila)
  • Berio Luciano: 31. Mauricio (Kagel)
  • Berio Luciano: 32. Maurice (Fleuret)
  • Berio Luciano: 33. Lorin (Maazel)
  • Berio Luciano: 34. Lele (d'Amico)


This set of arrangements of Luciano Berio’s “Duetti”, originally for two violins, represents a fascinating expansion of the limited repertoire for two violas. Berio originally conceived these duets as a collection of occasional pieces, each dedicated to someone who was close to him, rather like Elgar’s “Enigma” Variations, but they eventually developed into a full compositional project with pedagogical overtones. As such, there is a wide variation in technical demands, from pieces playable by beginners up to a duet that foreshadows the skills required for Berio’s “Sequenza” for the viola.

Taken as a whole, over some years of study, the “Duetti” can gently lead players into the mysteries of contemporary music; however, the composer also envisaged them in a concert performance of the complete cycle with at least 24 players of differing abilities taking turns to play. In this guise, it might be an intriguing idea to mix them with the original version for two violins (UE17757), although it must be understood that the two versions are not mutually compatible to be played as violin/viola duets.


(...) Eine willkommene Ergänzung für jeden Viola-DuoAbend!
Sie sind aber ebenfalls eine pädagogisch wertvolle Aufbauliteratur für den Einstieg in zeitgenössische Musik, sowohl was die Anforderungen an die linke Hand und die Bogentechnik angeht, als auch die Entwicklung eines Gefühls für unsymmetrische Rhythmen. Die meisten Duetti sind für Jugend Musiziert bis zur letzten Altersstufe geeignet, die letzten Duos sind dann eher etwas für Studenten.
ESTA-Nachrichten Nr. 81, März 2019 (Gunter Teuffel)

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Edition type:
performing score
Berio Luciano
Contemporary Music
Mayer-Lindenberg Annegret

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