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Franz Schreker: Die Gezeichneten

  • Opera in 3 acts (1911/1913–1915)
  • 4 4 5 3 - 6 4 3 1 - timp, perc(3), hp(2), cel, pno, str; stage music (can be played by the orchestra): picc, 2 hn, 3 tpt, timp, perc(2), hp, pno, str(1 1 1 1 1)
  • Duration: 150’
  • Instrumentation details:
    1st flute
    2nd flute
    3rd flute
    4th flute (+picc)
    1st oboe
    2nd oboe
    3rd oboe
    cor anglais (+3rd ob)
    1st clarinet in A (+cl(Bb))
    2nd clarinet in A (+cl(Bb))
    3rd clarinet in A (+cl(Bb))
    4th clarinet in A (+cl(Bb)
    basset hn(F))
    bass clarinet in Bb
    1st bassoon
    2nd bassoon
    1st horn in F
    2nd horn in F
    3rd horn in F
    4th horn in F
    5th horn in F
    6th horn in F
    1st trumpet in C
    2nd trumpet in C
    3rd trumpet in C
    4th trumpet in C
    1st trombone
    2nd trombone
    3rd trombone
    bass tuba (+cb.tuba)
    1st percussion
    2nd percussion
    3rd percussion
    1st harp
    2nd harp
    violin I
    violin II
    stage music: piccolo
    1st horn in F
    2nd horn in F
    1st trumpet in C
    2nd trumpet in C
    3rd trumpet in C
    1st percussion
    2nd percussion
    violin I
    violin II
  • Choir: SATB
  • Roles: Herzog Antoniotto Adorno, high bass Graf Andrea Vitelozzo Tamare, baritone Lodovico Nardi, bass Carlotta Nardi, soprano Alviano Salvago, tenor Guidobald Usodimare, tenor Menaldo Negroni, tenor Michelotto Cibo, baritone Gonsalvo Fieschi, baritone Julian Pinelli, bass Paolo Calvi, bass Der Capitaneo di giustizia, bass Ginevra Scotti, soprano Martuccia, alto Pietro, tenor Ein Jüngling, tenor Dessen Freund, bass Ein Mädchen, soprano Erster Senator, tenor Zweiter Senator, baritone Dritter Senator, bass Diener, bass Erster Bürger, tenor Zweiter Bürger, baritone Dritter Bürger, bass Vater, bass Mutter, alto Kind, silent part Drei junge Leute, bass, baritone, tenor Ein riesiger Bürger, bass Acht Vermummte / Edle, Bürger / Soldaten / Dienerinnen / Diener / Frauen / Mädchen / Kinder / Faune / Najaden / Bacchanten.
  • Composer: Franz Schreker
  • Librettist: Franz Schreker
  • Preface/explanatory notes: A. Albert Noelte
  • Piano reduction: Walther Gmeindl
  • Dedication: meiner lieben Mutter gewidmet
  • Remarks: Study score available at Musikproduktion Höflich:
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Franz Schreker: Die Gezeichneten  | UE5690

Opera in 3 Acts

  • Edition type: piano reduction
  • Languages: German
  • Format: 23.2 × 30.5 cm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-1177-0
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-01695-0
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