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A generous and refined tone is one of the hallmarks of the Pindakaas Saxophone Quartet, a classical music ensemble that  has been appearing all over Europe for the past thirty years, performing not only at chamber recitals and at sacred music concerts, but also at prestigious festivals. 
At the International Chamber Music with Saxophones Masterclass, the musicians were awarded the organization’s Culture Prize. The group has performed in Kuwait, Scotland, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It was with a touch of humour that the four musicians chose the Dutch name “Pindakaas” for themselves. It means “peanut butter”. As a result there is always a breath of fresh air at their concerts, which the players present in highly entertaining ways.

Since 2018 the Pindakaas Saxophonquartett has also been arranging various saxophone editions for Universal Edition.

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