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Darius Milhaud biography

1892 – Darius Milhaud was born on 4th September in Aix-en-Provence into a merchant family.

1899 – takes first violin lessons.

1905 – first compositions.

1909 – begins his musical training under Paul Dukas (orchestra), André Gédalge (counterpoint), Charles Marie Widor (composition) and Vincent d´Indy (orchestra conducting) at the Paris Conservatoire.

1912 – meets the poet Paul Claudel with whom he has a life-long friendship and artistic co-operation

19171st Symphony for small orchestra op. 43.

1917/1918 – the composer accompanies the ambassador Paul Claudel to Rio de Janeiro as attaché. He gets acquainted with Brazilian folklore and popular music which have a strong influence on his music in the following years.

1918 – Return to France. Is a member of the group 'Les Six' (Jean Cocteau, Eric Satie). Ballet L´homme et son désir; 2nd Symphony for small orchestra op. 49.

1919Machines agricoles for medium voice and 7 instruments.

1920Ballade for piano and orchestra op. 61.

19213rd Symphony for small orchestra op. 71; 4th Symphony for small orchestra op. 74.

19223 Rag–Caprices for orchestra; 5th Symphony for small orchestra op. 75.

1923 – Opera La Brebis égarée; 6th Symphony for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, oboe and violoncello op. 79.

1925 – marries his cousin Madeleine.

1927 – Opéra-minutes La délivrance de Thésée, L´enlèvement d´Europe, L´Abandon d´Ariane.

1928 – Opera Christophe Colombe.

1929Concert for viola and orchestra op. 108; Concert for percussion and small orchestra op. 109.

1930 – Opera Maximilian.

1936Suite provençale for orchestra.

1940 – Emigration into the USA. Teaching post at Mills College (California) until 1971.

1943 – Opera Bolivar.

as of 1947 – Milhaud teaches at the Paris Conservatoire.

1954 – Five-act opera David.

1956 – President of the ‘Académie du Disque Français’.

1974 – Darius Milhaud dies on 22nd June in Geneva.

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